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The great stories have been told since the dawn of language.

The same fundamental narratives are told the world over. (Campbell)

We remember many more details when information is presented in the form of a story. (Levin & Levin, 1990)

Mnemonics have been used since ancient Greece to aid recall of complex data. *

Folk tales – religion – literature – painting- films – games
:are all re-telling and in turn adding to the paradigmatic narratives.

We must remember all of our cumulative knowledge was passed down.Through words and the art of a story, before written notation became used. Cave paintings and petroglyphs used such a symbolic form we compare it more to art. What we are really looking at there is a language we can understand without translation.

Vladimir Propp the Russian Formalist, analysed the fundamental commonalities of Russian folk tales.

What he describes is a classic tale of heroism in 31 stages.

When you apply these rules to a film or book you enjoyed, you will find they more than often fit in to the action/adventure/thriller genres.

Odysseus the Greek king of epic adventures.



~ 14. RECEIPT OF A MAGICAL AGENT: Hero acquires use of a magical agent (directly transferred, located, purchased, prepared, spontaneously appears, eaten/drunk, help offered by other characters);

The Magical Helper.
This is a character or object or both.

Weather this is Johnny5, ET, DocBrown, Dr Frankenstein’s Monster or Obi Wan Kemobi….
And equally the Lightsaber, the DeLorean or H.G. Well’s Time Machine and even Moses’ Burning Bush.

Often is now the case that the magical character is the main focus, but our protagonist always remains external.


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